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Arsenic Mitigation Program

MSUK's Key Program: Arsenic Mitigation MSUK started its journey with the Arsenic poisoning affected people. Arsenicosis is a newly identified disease, and it was unidentified few years ago. The people of Bangladesh are badly affected by arsenic contaminated drinking water and associated dangerous health hazards. Until most recent time the tube-well water was treated as the safe drinking water against water borne disease. But now the good news becomes bad. It has identified that, tube-well water is non ¬safe due to toxic arsenic above the WHO guideline value. The geo-chemical nature of arsenic contamination of the aquifers of Bengal delta region (PADMA River Basin) is a serious concern because ground water is the primary source of drinking water. MSUK believes, "Every human being should have access to safe water for drinking and cooking purpose; and providing adequate safe water to meet this basic human need must be done in a manner that works in harmony with nature". People in the various age groups are affected by the arsenicosis. Poor and malnutrited are more affected than the non-poor and well-nutrited people. Women (Poor, Non- poor) are disproportionately highly affected. The school-going children are affected by Arsenic "The King of Poison". No age group is free from arsenic poisoning. Our research observation shows that poverty accompanied with malnutrition and low level of literacy and awareness has aggravated the situation. Almost one-third of the population of the country has already known to be exposed to this problem. An effective policy to combat the arsenic tragedy is yet to be formulated. However, our institutional effort towards the invention of a comprehensive approach to the solution of the problem has already generated considerable progress. We have accomplished a lot in our Arsenic Mitigation Program. The major objectives we want to accomplish through the implementation of our Arsenic programs are as follows: ** Ensure arsenic free safe drinking water filter “SONO Filter” for the children at primary schools and household level. **Impart operational training to the teachers of primary schools an household users for utilization of SONO filter. ** Install arsenic removal filter at the various school level and at the house of patients to ensure Arsenic free safe water supply. **Provide primary health care services to those who are affected by arsenic poisoning and arsenic related health hazard. **Provide primary health care services to the arsenicosis patients at the field level. **Make people aware about various dimensions of arsenic contamination. **Raise people's awareness about primary health care, hygiene, sanitation, using various means and ways including through the cultural performing groups (troops).